BeLovArium Foundation

BeLovArium is the financial authority for all the components of the Pythagorean World Center, also called PythagorArium. It is the Foundation providing long-term property financing, including for the PythAcademia (the EthoPlasìn Academy or University). In turn, the self-financing sources for current operational expenses come from the commercial exploitation of two seaside entertainment areas. The first one is a smaller and more formal "Enjoyment Center", attached directly to the campus: the ApolafsArium. The second one is a casual and much bigger "Recreational Center" detached a few kilometers south of the campus: the DiaskedArium. This BeLovArium website and the PythagorArium one are private. To access the public website for the PythAcademia, that gives good information on all aspects of the PythagorArium, click on the above icon.

EthoPlasìn  Academy

A New And Unique International University Of World Civic Wellness Vocation

Founding its Holistic Education on the Exercises and Science of Being of the Philosophy of Ancient-Greece, combined with 21st Century Whole Brain Accelerated Learning Techniques



The Return of Philosophy  -  Η Επιστροφη Της Φιλοσοφιας

To Improve Education and All Living Environments